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What This Site Does allows you to play email chess using an online graphical board. You enter moves into a form, giving the starting and ending square (using Algebraic Notation) for the pawn or piece you want to move. The site checks the move for validity, and recognizes Check, but not Checkmate.

You have the option to enter your email address, your opponent's email address, or both. A player whose email address is entered when the board is created will receive automatic email notification when his or her opponent moves. But email addresses are optional. If you don't want email, leave the fields blank. Please don't enter spoof email addresses, as they bounce back to the Webmaster.

Email addresses are never revealed in any way. Please see this site's Privacy Policy  for more information. The only email you will receive as a result of creating a board is move notifications. No spam, advertising, etc. This site has been in operation since 2001, and has never had a security breach.

Move-notification emails contain the move history and a link to your board. They are sent by the server, not by your opponent.

Don't Reply To Move Notifications

The return address for these emails bounces replies to the Webmaster. Your opponent will never see them. Don't reply to move notifications, and if you are creating the Board, tell your opponent not to reply to them. I usually ignore these emails, I don't take the trouble to figure out where to forward them.

If You Don't Receive Move Notifications

Both players should check their spam folders and add the address from which emails are sent to their email Whitelist. See below for the email address from which move notifications are sent.

Whitelist Move-Notification Emails

Move notifications are sent from this email address:

Be sure your anti-spam settings don't block that address. Some email services, like Yahoo, occasionally block emails from my server. I try to contact users whose emails are bounced, and can insert a different email address when requested. But I am not always able to check for bounced emails and may not notice them right away.

If you aren't receiving move notifications I suggest using a different email service. Contact the Webmaster by email to webmaster at this domain name, and supply the Board Number, the player's color (White or Black) and the old and new email addresses. I will update your game data, usually in a few hours. In the meantime, bookmark the page you are reading now, or this one. You can always display your board, and enter a move if it's your turn, even if you don't have the notification email.

How To Use The Board

Click the image at the bottom of this page to set up a board. Enter a name for the game, and the players' names. The game name and Board Number will appear in the Subject of emails sent by the server.

PLEASE DON'T CREATE A BOARD JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. This system works fine, it doesn't need testing. Thank you.

Making A Move

Browser add-ons that prevent pop-ups must be turned off to use the boards, as the moves are entered into a pop-up window. (Or click on "Disable Javascript" in the lower-left corner of the board.)

Enter the From and To squares for your move, in Algebraic Notation (ie, 'e2' in the first field and 'e4' in the second) and click Update.


Each player should enter a password when making his or her first move. Without the password, anyone can make a move for you. If your forget or lose your password, Contact the Webmaster. I can delete your password, and you can enter a new one on your next move.

How To Resign

When all is lost, you can resign the game by moving your King onto the square occupied by your opponent's King. The piece will not actually move, but the system will recognize that as your resignation.

How Do I Bug My Opponent During The Game?

You can use either my Chat Room or your favorite IM. To avoid running up my bandwidth, please don't stay connected to the chat room when you aren't using it.

Time Limits

Games in which no moves have been made for 10 days are automatically removed. Obviously bogus games are removed as soon as I see them. If you run into time trouble and would like to keep the game going, contact me by replying to a move-notification email. Replies go to me, not your opponent. I will try to reset the timer before the game expires. After exactly 10 days (240 hours) with no move, however, the server automatically deletes all game information, so don't wait too long!

My Other Chess Site

I have another site devoted to email chess; chess in art, advertising and stamps; and collectible chess sets at The July 2001 issue of Chess Life (journal of the USCF) said it was one of the "most interesting" chess Websites. Please visit it if you can.


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